combining form

combining form
a bound form used only in compounds

`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'

Members of this Usage Domain:
smitten, ↑stricken, ↑struck, ↑columned, ↑billed, ↑bedded, ↑visaged, ↑boned, ↑proto, ↑odd, ↑scented, ↑friendly, ↑unfriendly, ↑filled, ↑pseudo, ↑throated, ↑storied, ↑storeyed, ↑hipped, ↑in-chief, ↑mini, ↑midi, ↑maxi, ↑neo, ↑minded, ↑roofed, ↑regent, ↑valued, ↑size, ↑seeded, ↑tipped, ↑radio, ↑volumed, ↑fully, ↑to the full, ↑full, ↑well, ↑good, ↑ill, ↑badly, ↑poorly, ↑decker, ↑ply, ↑pounder, ↑footer, ↑yarder, ↑miler
Hypernyms: ↑bound morpheme, ↑bound form

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noun, pl ⋯ forms [count]
linguistics : a form of a word (such as electro- in electromagnetic or mal- in malodorous) that only occurs as a part of other words

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comˈbining form [combining form] noun (grammar)
a form of a word that can combine with another word or another combining form to make a new word, for example techno- and -phobe in technophobe

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